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Beginners / Which Linux for Cubietruck (Cubieboard 3)?
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:28:45 am »
I have Cubietruck with VGA monitor (not HDMI) and don't know which Linux to install that will have the Mali GPU working.  I tried a few and they didn't boot or didn't have the mali driver.
OpenSUSE: didn't boot, hangs when starting the kernel
Armbian Bionic: boots but doesn't have mali driver, just software framebuffer
Devuan Ascii: boots but VGA monitor shuts off! (can only use it over serial cable or ssh)
Devuan Jessie: boots after I replaced the supplied u-boot with newer one :) but only has software framebuffer (/dev/fb0, not /dev/dri/card0)
Any ideas what else to try?

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