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I have been trying to get myCubieBoard2-dualcard to work but all that happens is the red light comes on and nothing,I have downloaded the images for here http://dl.cubieboard.org/model/CubieBoard2/CubieBoard2-20120909-DualCard//Image/

This is the card I am on about..

I tried the Android image and the Cubieez image and CubieBoard2 not booting them.

I copied them using Win32 Disk Imager,PhoenixCard_V3 and even Etcher but it still not booting just the red light,I looked at the sd cards in Mini Tools Partition Wizard and it don't even look like there is a partition on them,just says unallocated but can see it split the 8 GB sd card into 3 partition,one says Fat32 the other 2 are unallocated,I have 2 sd cards one is only 2GB and the other is 8 GB and have tried both of them so I don't know what to do next.

Any help would be appreciated