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!! Unstable release !!

Last release is here:,807.msg5740.html#msg5740

XBMC autostart with framebuffer, with CedarX acceleration, smooth playing mpeg encoded files.
Installed SSH server and Midnight Commander
eth0 configured as dhcp client. After starting connect by SSH with the login/password root/root

The rootfs is:

The kernel is replaced with:
(Thanks to patwood)

Default sound card - HDMI
Default video output - HDMI with resolution 1080p
To change screen resolution: after dd, please use this tutorial:

XBMC compiled natively by this tutorial:
Thus, there is no Xorg, only Framebuffer.


A20-linaro-raring-server-xbmc-0.1-src-8gbcard.img.tar.xz (1.54 GB)!3AgiVSDa!YhFVOQo8KhrOsGs8xajgbUqfCWRcib-n2QYbC-jRTmM
- 8gb sdcard image with xbmc compiled sources folder

A20-linaro-raring-server-xbmc-0.1-4gbcard.img.tar.xz (818 MB)!eEpjHTZT!BERifR8KzqURc9VDt6QjdR73OQNCDgiWf64NxZ1w2sk
- 4gb image without xbmc compiled sources folder

Known issues/bugs:

1. After several minutes of movie watching, only space (pause) works on keyboard. Then screen can fade to black... :(
2. H.264 decoding with artefacts (sometime with pink color)
3. Can't reboot/shutdown from xbmc menu
4. Changing vertical sync settings in xbmc can affect to framebuffer fullscreen scaling
5. SATA mount by hand, or fstab config
6. Unnatural colors in video (too many yellow color):

On CB v2 linaro:

On PC: