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I'm trying to install tiny core to nand and load it's files.

Now, I know that I need to modify boot.scr.
The problem is that if I use the following settings:

setenv bootargs console=${console} init=/init rootwait panic=${panic} loglevel=${loglevel} ${extraargs}
ext4load nand 0:2 0x43000000 boot/script.bin
ext4load nand 0:2 0x48000000 boot/uImage
ext4load nand 0:2 0x43100000 boot/uCore
bootm 0x48000000 0x43100000

and the image is set so that u-boot and other nand bootable files are on the fat partition 1 (nanda) and the kernel uImage, uCore, script.bin, uEnv.txt and boot.scr are on an ext4 partition (nandb)
However, whenever I use the posted boot.scr, it says something like wrong partition and it can't load any of the files, so it loads the kernel instead (and loads it from ext4 partition which means that it can read it), but nothing else which leads to a constant reboot.

Now, a question, does ext4load load partitions which need to be named linux way (nand1, nand2...) or can it read the android partition names (nanda, nandb...)?
How could I make this work? Do I need to use a different command to load the files?


Nevermind, I figured it all out.