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Hi all

I have a ER-TFTM028-4 Display.

I have the version 8080 8bit interface.

I'm not sure how to connect it to the cubieboard. Can someone help me?

I think i also have to adapt script.bin is this correct? Or is there also any Display driver needed to be installed?

Thanks for your help :)

I know, but i need a 2.8 inch display.
Hi all

Does someone know if it is possible to use this display: with the cubieboard 2? If yes, how to wire?

Thank you for your answers!

Best regards

Hi all

I would like to connect a LCD to the Cubieboard 2.

I have a 2x15 pin LVDS connector (SV070NA01CT) from an LCD controller which works correct.
The pin assingment of the SV070NA01CT will you find in attachement.

I have a Basebord here, but it would be more nice, if i could connect SV070NA01CT direct to my Cubieboard 2. Can someone say me, which pins of the cubieboard 2 i have to connect (with 2mm jumper wires) to the SV070NA01CT?

Or is there any possibility to plug in the SV070NA01CT direct to the Cubieboard?

Thank you very much for helpful answers!