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its same CPU, so CB images could be compatible, there is no wonder in that. But raspi could be problem.
I also went for CB2 cause of SATA. If i wanted to use USB port for HDD i could get any other ARM board i wanted. Exynos ones are much faster..

So no SATA -  no deal.  :P
That actually depends on your PHP scripts. How much performance they require? I have ownCloud (writen in PHP) + mysql as DB and its not so fast (still usable) when browsing webpage, one user can easily utilize 1 core. File synchronization is ok. So if 3 ppl would connect at same time, i think it would be slow.

I have also installed PHP APC.

960mhz vs 1000mhz is almost same, i dont think you will notice difference.
It would be probably safest way for me. But if usb hub means to get another socket plug i may also get SATA with external power for 3.5HDD instead and use 4TB disk :)
yes but i don't even have soldering iron :) even if i did not have any related skill for that.

i got SATA to USB cable - https://i3.alza.cz/ImgW.ashx?fd=f3&cd=AG200b0&i=1.jpg and it doesnt work with 750gb hdd out of box (sata not connected), maybe that 500mA is not enough, idk.
ok i see, it probably wont work.
my current HDD is WD7500BPVX - specs claim max 1.6W. The one which i want to buy is WD10JPVX - the specs says max 1.4W.
thats like 600mA together just for HDDs, even if it would be 1A total, 1A should be fine for CB2, no? Keep in mind only HDD and Ethernet is connected.

That USB IC, it limit to 500mA or lower?
SATA to USB cable image is misleading, i may need only one usb port, since usb2.0 specs says about 500mA and disk should be <400mA.
does someone tested CB2 setup with 2 HDD? I have currently one WD Blue 750gb attached to SATA port but i may need soon upgrade space. I am thinking about adding new WD blue 1tb via USB port with something like this.

According to specs it takes 1.4W max, so thats like 380mA, USB should handle it. Also i have 2.5A power source for CB2 (china brand so maybe like 2A+) so i guess it should handle CB2+2xWD blue
well this sucks, looks like CT is more prone to hw errors.
loose Minecraft and its capable :)

biggest problem with MC, its just crappy design. clients are sending keep alive packets without sleep and it just kills server, i read somewhere some plugin (bukkit ofc) to add sleeps so it reduce lag, but i never tried.
i set dram frequency down to 420 in fex (was 480 afaik) and looks like it solved my problem as well.
well venezuelas sucked up big time, you know english, got IT knowledge just emigrate?  :-\

back to topic, cant u even get some COM to USB? Or PC with COM port and just hardwire it to cubie :)
TTL cable cost like 1.5$ on ebay, where do u live?