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Quote from: @lex on August 31, 2015, 07:22:24 pm
I have seen some speculation about a new quad-core pin to pin compatible with A20.

Where have you seen that?
Cubieboard v2 Images (A20 Based) / Re: CUBIUNTU A20
June 26, 2015, 07:22:18 am
Quote from: kwacka on May 26, 2015, 09:47:05 am
From the site to which you gave a link:

On which devices can I run ExaGear?

You can run ExaGear Desktop on ARM-based Mini PCs with Linux such as ODROID, CubieBoard, CuBox, Utilite, Jetson TK1, Wandboard, Banana Pi etc. Also you can run ExaGear Desktop on your ARM-based Chromebook with Linux. Owners of Raspberry Pi 2 Model B can use ExaGear Desktop too.

So what now?! Hijacking a thread after more than half a year...
Quote from: lawrence on June 06, 2015, 01:36:57 pm

Look at the abuse email, and contact them to let them know that an ip in that range is causing mischief.
Usually as its a hacked box and being used to hack others.
Especially so for fixed ip addresses.

Amazing! Thanks a lot, I did not know about that at all  ::) . This is quite informative. I just tried it with my own IP address and got useable results. Maybe I write a script that automatically sends eMails to the "abuse@" email address just in case.

Thanks again!

Quote from: lawrence on June 02, 2015, 09:32:12 am
Lots of botnet/hacked computers in China that get misused by others.
Unless you have an interest in that its ultimately a bit pointless running a honeypot.

SSH attacks are easily mitigated against, and unless you are building an ip based blocklist, or interested in how attackers work, not much use.

I don't agree completely. I think for people who just start with all these things like SSH, port forwarding, etc. or just don't have a very deep knowledge about that, it is quite interesting to see, if they are potential victims and/or if their security measures are effective.
For me, it is :) . But I am confused, that my logs are empty of failed logins. Either the attackers just don't fail or my security is sufficient ::) .

Most of the attacks I see on my own server(s) are Ukranian or US based.  I occasionally email the culprits abuse or contact addresses and get replies, but not very often.

I did have one pseudo success story where someone wrote me to tell me to remove a post on my blog where I'd  annotated attack logs as I was one of the first results for a search for their company. 
They weren't successful though, as they "demanded" we remove them, instead of asking nicely.

How do you know the eMail address or even the company of an attacker?! This is very interesting!

Hi Daniel,

ich fänd es super sinnvoll und hilfreich, wenn du ein kleines "Tutorial" zusammenschreiben könntest, in dem du genau beschreibst, wie du deine Kernels erstellst. Also was man für Software braucht (und woher), wie man Patches in den Kernel einbaut, usw...

Ich weiß, so ein Tutorial macht Arbeit und nervt, ABER:
Ich stell mir nur den Fall vor, daß du irgendwann keine Lust/Zeit mehr dazu hast. Für den Fall wäre es gut, wenn jemand anhand deiner Anleitung dann diese Arbeit übernehmen könnte.

Als Patwood damal das Forum verlassen hat, hat es eine ganze Weile gedauert, bis die Lücke gestopft werden konnte :/ .

Network manager overrides you "interfaces" entries. You have to switch it of first, after that, it will surely work :) .


about the error: sorry, I can not help. My knowledge in deep dark linux things is quite limited yet :( . I just wanted to help with the LED thing. And I still don't believe, that the LED blew up. It has a resistor in series. From my experiances I can say, that a LED with a 3,3V series resistor will work for some time even at 5V (maximum voltage that you have in your system). You can mach more easily blow up the driver stage of the I/O or the transistor at the I/O pin.

What kind of "panel" are you talking about? External LCD panel? have you coupled the GNDs of the CB and the panel? Maybe you have trouble with EMI or ground loops.


look at the schematic and you will see, that it is almost impossible to burn the LED. LED and processor are some kind of "decoupled" with a transistor. So you just can switch the transistor on or off by the GPIO. That does not effekt the circuit of the LED.

Please have a look at the schematic page 2 and 8.
Just try another card.

I have experianced a very similar issue: I have installed an CB2 image on card A and it worky perfectly. Then I installed the exact image in the exact same way on card B -> terrible performance, completely unuseable.

Good luck
General Discussion / Re: Quick Question About OwnCloud
February 11, 2015, 09:39:37 am
Quote from: le0nard0 on January 27, 2015, 09:23:00 am
Hello Everyone,

I have wanted to set up OwnCloud for a while. I have a Raspberry Pi at home, but I am concerned it might not give me the performance I am looking for.

Then I found this tutorial with the cubieboard, http://syncloud.org/cubietruck.html.

The question is, is there a benefit to using a cubieboard over something like a raspberry pi for this kind of project?



some time ago there has been an article about exactly that in a popular german technics magazine (called "c't" by "Heise"). They had an ownCloud setup on both CT and a RPi.
Their conclusion was, that the CT (or CB2) is strong enough for a serious (media) cloud, while the RPi is better to have a cloud exclusive for address books, calendars and these things on it. So generally The RPi is ok, if your needs are lower.

Hi and sorry for my late response!

Glad to hear that you have managed to fix it :) . I am wondering, why this problem did not occure during my tests. You know... I would not have released it, if the fundamental functionality would not have worked :P ;) !

If other problems occury: don't hesitate to ask.

Quote from: cabji on January 04, 2015, 10:34:46 pm
Is there anyway to have the system temp _logged_ so I can push the CT as hard as possible and after failure I can see what the temp readings were?


of course, there are several ways. One way could be to use my temperature logging script. Find it here:

Maybe you need to make some modifications, depending on the kernel version or the sensor you want to read. But that shouldn't be a big deal.

Quote from: null on December 05, 2014, 06:32:40 pm
Sorry for English too :)
Why you don't use 3.4 from sunxi git ?

Well, the 3.4 on sunxi git has not been up to date for a long time. When D_NRW started his work, there were releases for the .91, .92,.... and sunxi git was remaining at .90 .
D_NRWs seems as the most updated to me.

Ok, I see that sunxi has updated their kernel to .103. But you see that they are still behind.
They might have their reasons for sure...  ::)

Quote from: D_NRW on December 04, 2014, 03:56:47 am
Update: Ist mir wirklich durchgerutscht ... Ich war dort nämlich schon in Hochzeitsvorbereitungen und bin erst Anfang September wieder im Lande gewesen ;-)

Macht nix. Diese Sache mit dem "Real Life" ist ja auch manchmal ganz spannend. Aber das wird sich nicht durchsetzen  ;D .

Wie gesagt, deine Kernel haben dankende Abnehmer gefunden. Wobei ich sagen muß, daß ich seit dem .78er keine merkliche Veränderung feststellen konnte. Mein System läuft seit jeher stabil und meine Geräte (Festplatten, USB-Zeug...) wir alles unterstützt.
Aber auf dem aktuellsten Stand zu sein ist immer besser :) .

Quote from: D_NRW on December 02, 2014, 09:54:59 am
Schade schade ... da komme Anfrage von mifritscher und TheRulor, aber auch nach Wochen kriege ich keine Rückmeldung um die Änderungen überhaupt funktioniert haben :-(

Das Interesse war vielleicht doch kleiner als gedacht. Schade.

Trotzdem habe ich am Kernel gearbeitet.

Ich benutze auch deinen Kernel und gebe den immer an Isaac (ehem. ikeeki) weiter, und der baut(e) seine Distros damit.
Aber daß gerade du dich über mangelndes Feedback beklagst... schließlich hast du anno Dazumals nach meinen Patches gefragt. Ich habe die daraufhin gesammelt und bereitgestellt und die wurden genau 0x (!) runtergeladen!

Aber egal, wir sind ja nicht hier für Zickenkrieg ;) ...