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Title: Interfacing 1-wire sensors and external audio amp with Cubioboard
Post by: thomas on October 19, 2013, 03:08:54 am

I have to add 1-wire thermal sensors to a cubieboard1 or cb2-driven system and provide audio to an external amplifier which will drive two 8 Ohm speakers, and i have to do this in a limited amount of time with practically 0 knowledge about cubieboard's working drivers and linux compatibility, so i have some questions i would like to ask:

-what is the easiest way to interface the dallas 1-wire sensors?
-should i use gpios or an external busmaster IC?
-is there any easy to set up, already tested configuration for this? i mean: "enable kernel module "x", connect the device to gpio "y", enter "z" command in the terminal and read the results in "f" file?"
-if no, can you recommend an IC that has a working driver and you just have to connect it to UART/I2C/SPI, enable the kernel driver and issue the needed commands?

-would it be difficult to route the audio output to the I2S interface and use a decoder to transmit the audio to the external amplifier?

-finally, which distro do you recommend for all of this?

Thank you all in advance for the answers!