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Title: Which touchscreen equipment I had to choose.
Post by: Yann-Kaelig on November 09, 2016, 03:12:48 pm

I would like to use my cubieboard2 as a home automation controler on z-wave protocol. I would like at the same time get some control over the z-wave modules from a touchscreen. After much research, I am still unable to make a choice and that is why I need your experience on this subject.
The mainline linux kernel compatibility is a priority, firmware also should not be an issue with the mainline kernel, 7" or 10" appears adequate for this use and if possible working out of the box, or if a hack is needed I can manage this but with a full documentation.

So here is my choice, and with your experience I ask you please to give me your opinion, pro - con - and anything else that can help me.

My first choice is this touscreen LINK ( with the baseboard DVK522 (  I'm afraid about the baseboard compatibility with the mainline kernel and nothing in my research, despite the sources are available can prove that solution will work on the mainline linux kernel.

My second choice is this converter RTD2660H ( with the touchscreen HJ070NA-13A ( The firmware could be a problem, but I can't be affirmative, and no idea if together they can work out of the box or need a hack.

My third choice is based on differents kits like:
These one :
These various kit seems to be build on converters board with the same chip RTD2660H and sometimes some of them also add an USB HID converter.

I would like to tell the true, it a jungle  ;D and it's really difficult to find which one can be used on cubieboard2 ( most of them are build for raspberry ) and if the converter board and usb hid converter has a good compatibility on recent mainline linux kernel.

So I can only rely on your experience to help me. Thx in advance  :)
Title: Re: Which touchscreen equipment I had to choose.
Post by: GeorgeIoak on November 23, 2016, 01:54:15 pm
Have you seen this board, (