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Title: Run a linux app on cubie android
Post by: Andrew on October 18, 2015, 07:13:30 am

I dont know that tweak is possible or not. Wanna ask for experiences, if someone did it already.

I have a linux app source code. It uses berkeley sockets, static memory structures, and some file operation on /dev/ devices. Demands very low resources, little one-threaded ansi C app. Wanna run it behind the android desktop in common filesystem with android OS, cuz need access to same /dev/ devices. App not requires any gui support, can run like a service. All it needs an autostart with the android boot, and probably root privileges as /dev/ device access demands it. I can compile the app in cubie linux environment, however that uses glibc and not bionic, also different environment - dont know details about them related to my problem. Also have no idea, how to include binary into android image to get it autorun on device start with root privileges.

If this task is about to hopeless, please let me know to stop wasting time on it. If not so hard, blogs, tutorials, and any tipp in advance will be great. Thank you.