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Off-Topic Discussion / Re: UART Garbage?
« Last post by mmdsoft on February 10, 2018, 07:41:47 pm »
Hello there, got same problem.

Think thats garbage not chinese symbols, my aml8726-mx box hardly software broken.
Thats like firmware got garbage in uart config on board (or suplyer try to secure box). Same problem with non briket box.

Trying to do anything with that box, got 10 box fl200 thin client (Cortex-A9x2x1.5GHz, 1GB, 4GB, Mali400). Got no firmware, factory miss up all my emails. All firmware that i found broken, no usb burning luck, allways errors after write and boot usb_spl.bin with all libusb0 drivers, burning image 1.x and 2.x version same iusse. Uart cable show garbage at Amlogic default settings ( tryed BruteForce baud rate, bits, etc ... no luck ). Compile own openelec image for this aml8726-mx board, try with any boot sd cards no luck, all unbrick methods, 30+ almost same hardware stock firmwares. ( Ember, LibreElec, MXlinux ).

Tryed any aml_autoscript on boot sd. Without UART im blind, but got some garbage UART reports, thats show activity of box when try boot with sd cards with short cut pin 7-8 on chip when plug in power. Got m6 chip (WorldCup device) driver found in host Windows system when short nand chip pin 14-15 when plug usb cable. Stop garbage from UART and start again after i run usb_spl.bin thru update.exe or burning tools. Box got no reset button, swich or pins. Only 4x holes UART connector and 2x holes near ( dont know ??? but not reset ).

So that box hardware, form factor, price very good but software very insecure and week. ( closed sources firmware that store RDP passwords from my privates servers - bad idea. Dont know how many hidden functions got this firmware)

Any ideas ? Solution ?

Found some:
Начинающим / Re: VGA выходы на Cubieboard2
« Last post by alx32 on February 07, 2018, 04:59:48 am »
Я подключал CB1 к VGA, только резисторы на землю, синхру напрямую, изображение бледноватое, похоже нужен какой-то усилитель на RGB сигналы возможно и тут будет тоже самое...
Beginners / NOOB Question
« Last post by Fen on February 06, 2018, 10:33:05 am »
Hi Everyone total NOOB here,

Just been given a new in box Cubieboard 4. I was wanting to put Debian on it but I'm having great difficulty finding any information or working links to accomplish this. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


I Need OS Cubieboard v1 (A10 Based) With LCD
 boot Image & Source ?
(Meanwhile I bought a HP MicroServer. ARM boards were a very good start for me to run my own services but on long term I thought a system with multiple HDD bays is necessary to have more reliability.)

AFAIK Cubietruck supports SATA port multiplier, so basically it should be possible to connect several HDD's to the board. Didn't try it myself however. Did anyone else do that? Would be interested in experiences made...


hello, I've been using your image on the cubietruck for a while, and updated it to Debian Stretch 9.3 today, but the kernel has not been updated and is still 3.4.104-sunxi, how can I upgrade the kernel to a current version 4. Update X? Thank you

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You need to update kernel separately. First, remove all packages and install new, here are the names:

Since you are upgrading from a very old build, prepare for the worst case. And remember that NAND is not supported under modern kernel. Also Debian Stretch is not working properly on the old kernel.
All content has been read. I agree that it is very useful for me.
Gaming / Re: graphic issue on CC-A80 (modern combat 5 or other game)
« Last post by Crissirinun on January 25, 2018, 02:35:40 am »
From what I read. It has taught me to think differently. I see it as a very useful.
На прошивке v1.0, как оказалось, sata работает  :D
А у кого-нибудь sata под linux на Cubieboard 6 работает?
у меня не видит sata диска под linux, прошивки 1.1 и 1.2 попробовал с сайта
1.3 из исходников собрал, модуль ahci_platform включил
dmesg никакой инфы по диску не показывает
а под android диск нормально определяется

Может кто-то подсказать как проблему решить?
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