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General Discussion / Re: Cubietruck Plus: Compile mainline kernel
« Last post by slovenia on September 19, 2018, 02:37:34 pm »
Cubieboard v3 Images (Cubietruck) / Re: Stretch, Xenial and Bionic - updated 19.9.2018
« Last post by slovenia on September 19, 2018, 02:35:42 pm »
Major update:

apt update & apt upgrade
General Discussion / Replacement power cables
« Last post by rgmhtt on September 12, 2018, 05:40:00 pm »
What would I specify on ebay to get some more power cables.

This USB to 4mm cable is really handy.  I have been using them for other things and now I need a few more...

Software & Applications / buy facebook likes india
« Last post by Abhidada on September 11, 2018, 10:09:43 am »
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General Discussion / Re: Centos 7 for Cubieboard 2 and 3 (Truck)
« Last post by rgmhtt on August 24, 2018, 08:53:02 am »
A couple of updates.

First the uboots rpm is  uboot-images-armv7

And since my server is a Cubieboard2 with this rpm installed, it was easy to make a symlink to the directory or all the uboot files and update the page to the uboot location:

So this should simplify matters.  Note that the uboot for the Cubietruck Plus is NOT the one you want.  I will update this once they get things simplified for the Plus.
General Discussion / Centos 7 for Cubieboard 2 and 3 (Truck)
« Last post by rgmhtt on August 23, 2018, 11:27:23 pm »
I have finally updated my Centos 7 howto:

It is really easy now to get Centos7 up and running.  You have an image choice of server, Gnome, or KDE (EPEL issues with Xfce still).

Caveat is you need a system where you can install uboot-tools to get the right uboot file.  For me it is easy on my Fedora notebook.  If your desktop does not provide uboot-tools, you can always first install Fedora28-arm:

Grab the uboot file and go to the Centos installation.

Or perhaps I can put the latest uboots on my server...  Hmmm.

Cubieboard 5 support in the works.  A few have it working.

General Discussion / Re: Cubietruck Plus: Compile mainline kernel
« Last post by rgmhtt on August 23, 2018, 11:16:09 pm »
I suspect Fedora works well with the latest kernel.

Fedora 28 (probably still 4.17.n) can be gotten from the production page:

You can get Fedora 29 or Fedora Rawhide (30) which already has 4.18 from:

I am currently testing F29-Xfce and minimal on Cubie2 as it has openSSL 1.1.1 beta.

General Discussion / Re: Cubietruck Plus: Compile mainline kernel
« Last post by rgmhtt on August 23, 2018, 11:10:08 pm »
There has been a thread on this over at the Centos7-arm SIG.

Go to:

And look at the "Cubieboard5 performance" thread I started.

I don't own a Cb5, but was looking into one.  Decided no due to that sata is via internal usb, but it started an effort to finally get the right uboot and kernel in place.

You may be able to use this kernel work for linaro.  Or switch to Centos7...
General Discussion / Debian (ARMBian) Stretch
« Last post by chema on August 07, 2018, 05:12:46 am »
I am developing a project that fits very well in the CUBIEAIO boards (both A20 and S700), but I need a 'modern' Debian, and I did not find any reference to Stretch instalation in this boards.

Did anyone in the forum achieve it?

Thank you for your answer


Все доброго дня и хорошего настроения!
В Cubieboard 2 я больше гость чем даже user.
Мне принисли 2 терминала и просят настроить. Я уже перепробовал прилично вариантов и везде что-то не работает.
Прошу помощи у профи/постоянных посетителей.
Требуется поставить минимальную OS + 4 ярлыка rdp с разными данными (подключение к win server 2008 R2). microsd записываю с помощью win32diskimager. Важно что мониторы подключены по vga. Если будет поддержка hdmi тоже будет круто!
Было бы не плохо если бы у образа не было проблем с berryboot. Планирую загрузиться с версии 2014 года и по сети подтянуть OS. Уж больно красива выглядит идея с прокладкой под OS.
Заранее огромное спасибо тем кто откликнется и подкинет ссылочку на стабильный вариант без излишеств))))
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