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Python or JAVA on Cubieboard 2 / Cubietruck

Started by Neonek, October 16, 2013, 07:36:51 am

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I want to learn Python and/or JAVA.
Can i do it on Cubieboard 2 / Cubietruck without PC?


NO and yes.

im assuming when you meant PC, is those desktop/laptop running a x86 CPU like intel or AMD. not ARM CPU like cubieboard

cubieboard ships with android by default. if u need linux, then u need a PC(like intel or AMD or MAC box) to flash it.
but after that u can abandon your pc if you like.

out of curiosity, do you have a pc?
if u dont, you can always use public / net cafe/ school/ office/ friends PC to flash linux image to and sd card.
in that case you wouldn't need your own PC
you can also use ARM computer if you have any
having another computer (another cubieboard or other board, like Raspberry pi) can serve as a substitute for PC.

in summary, u need another computer (ARM/X86), if you want too boot linux from your CB.

if u mean weather you can learn phyton or java programming with only a cubieboard. then the answer is yes.

P.S. it would help if your question is clearer  ;)


Thank you  :)
I have PC, but for learning i want use silent cubiehardware.
Have fun!

ps. ... i bought Cubietruck and now I'm waiting for the delivery :-)