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Is Cubieboard right for me?

Started by abali, October 09, 2013, 10:16:18 am

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I am looking for a low-power, low-cost solution for the following purposes:

1. Standard linux-based home server for various functions - I understand that this will be fine with Cubie, I do not plan to run very resource-intensive services but bittorrent with lots of open torrent will be needed

2. Home NAS - can I connect a standard 3TB SATA 3.5 drive? what would be the expected read/write performance over samba in terms of mbyte/s?

3. Media player occasionally, running XBMC

I got the impression that Cubie could cover all three purposes adequately, could you share your experiences?


October 10, 2013, 05:52:20 am #1 Last Edit: October 10, 2013, 06:56:20 am by skdauser
yes and no...
low-power - yes, deffinatelly

torrent (transmission) - working, only few torrents i tested without any problem but how many is "lot"?
(there is also option for use jdownloader which is working perfectly and all can be managed remotely over OpenVPN ;) ...)

home NAS - i use it that way and ists working good - i have only one 2.5 HDD 320GB on sata and other disks on USB (1TB, 640GB) and speed is near 11MB/s in/out. There was a problem with upload (or download) speed drop (to maybe 270KB/s) at start but now iam using cubieez and the problem is gone.
Now iam started testing a 4TB external WD drive - when im done - i will post results...

Media player - from what i know there is still problem with graphics drivers for that purpose and is not easy to run xbmc properly - you need to read other threads for more informations...
- lets say it that way - raspberry (because of its GPU and available drivers and XBMC) is "maybe easier option for multimedia"  right now...


Thanks for the reply.

Torrents: 10-20 open maximum, so nothing extraordinary.
NAS: do you have the same speed with the SATA and the USB drives? It seems that 100mbit network is the limiting factor, maybe we could get more with a gigabit lan over usb?
XBMC: I can wait, if the hw is there, hopefully the sw will work soon


Yes, same speed when accessing SATA or USB HDD.