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internet connection trouble

Started by joselalupa, May 02, 2014, 01:12:11 pm

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 i am totally new to linux and cubieez and i feel totally an idiot, anyone could guide me making my cubie connect to internet via wire? my modem ip is'll be pretty gracefull.
thanks a lot in advance


Setup your modem as a DHCP router, then CB2 should get an IP address from it...


your idea is right but...i have a out of the box raspberry pi and it connect to internet using the same cable and a windows 7 desktop so i asume my router is already dchp.
when i run dhclient eth0 my cubie read my modem values and that is when i can make pin to the modem and the computers i have connected.
any other idea? anyone?


got it working, i just had to edit interface file. thanks for your time