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Chinese script.fex header translation

Started by pullmoll, February 25, 2015, 04:50:38 am

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You may have seen the Chinese text in some script.fex files and been wondering what it says. Here's a rough translation done with help of translate.google.com and a little rephrasing. No warranties whatsoever, though :)

1.) Script strings are case sensitive. You can modify variable values after the "=", not the names.
2.) The primary and subkey name lengths must be less than 32 characters.
3.) Comments begin with a ";" in column one and continue until the end of a line.
4.) Comments can not be appended to configuration items such as the primary key.
    Comments can not be appended behind Zijian(?) comments.
GPIO format description:
    port:port number in the group + <function assignment> <internal resistance state> <drive capability> <output level> <status>
For example: