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No change after Android nand flash

Started by mlek, September 07, 2013, 11:49:56 am

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I finally managed to flash my cb2 with PhoenixSuit (didn't work on my 64bit W7), but it seems that nothing has been updated. My apps are the same, and the firmware version is still v1.0, whereas it should have flashed to v1.04. I went through the flash process in PhoenixSuit, and saw it complete.

My main reason for doing this is to have a rooted cubie to be able to install certain apps. Apparently my version is un-rooted.


I seem to have flashed the nand after I chose the longer 'format and upgrade' option. The nand was definitely flashed, as the apps I downloaded before were gone. It still states that the firmware is v1.0 in the settings though.

Problem now is that I cannot download the BBC iPlayer app in Google Play. It seems as if the app isn't compatible with this nand, and therefore doesn't show up.


I put Android on mine today and I couldn't use a win 7 64 bit box to get the image on, I had to use a 32 bit box I have in the end and that was no problem.

The reason I am commenting is because the latest image appears to be 1.05 not 1.04, thats the one I used anyway.

BBC iPlayer app from Google Play works fine too.


Yeah, there's definitely a problem with Phoenixsuit on 64bit Windows 7. I'm just about to update to 1.05 now to see if iPlayer works.


It works!
It seems obvious now that my 1-week-old Cubie would be using the latest nand, but I was confused by the fact that it says 'Firmware v1.0' in settings.

iPlayer works after a couple of reboots.