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no video from cubie

Started by joselalupa, August 29, 2013, 01:57:08 pm

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i got my cubie more than a month ago, this is the frist time i connected to usb and monitor...no video signal from hdmi.
my monitor es hd so the resolution is not an issue, i see a blinking blue light on the board, a green and a red one, they are steady....how can i know what is happening? is it faulty or is it my?
thanks in advance


To know if this is a problem about the Cubieboard, you have to test it with several HDMI monitors (and do the tour of the input channels you have on them to select the appropriate ones)
If it fails, you have to test the cubie with different OSes and maybe different SDcards.
If the monitor still doesn't screen anything then you can assume that's an hardware issue and contact your seller.

The Red LED is the proof that the board is powered on. It remains steady until the cubie is shut down and it's working the same way with every OSes.
Now I'll assume you loaded without any OS on SDcard and you never install anything in the NAND so the Android prebuilt is running.
The green LED is the USB accesses, you can see it blinking when you type on a keyboard or when you right click with a pointing device (generally a mouse or a trackpad) It seems to blink when the key you press is not doing anything in the current application.
I don't know what the blue one is about but it blinks like a 60bpm heart beat on mine too and I have a display so it's not the problem.

I hope I helped you you a little bit.


your descroptios was pretty good actually the have to post something describing this process:
1.- i've tested in 2 computer monitor and 1 tv, all of them 1080
2.- i've tested 3 different cables including the ones i am using with this monitor i am using right know
3.- with sd card, without sd card....i haven't installed anything because i can't see it is working, i plan to use linux but after i see it is working fiine
4.- i don't have any device connected to it (keyboard, mouse....) the blinking is the first 1 minute then it stop.
i asume the board is working because of the activities, i just don't see anything, i've writen to customer service without any result, they should improve that part.
i'll wait for some help or move to raspberry...i hope not get to that point.
thanks a lot in advance