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Hint: Using the supplied power-cable with a generic 2A USB-Power-Supply

Started by guidol, June 19, 2013, 08:20:47 am

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On my first Usage of the Cubieboard I got serveral problems with a black or blank screen when the cubieboard should display the desktop :-(

The problem seems to be that with the supplied power-cable (USB to Cubie) the 2A HTC Power Supply delivers only 500mA. When the Cubieboard comes to start the desktop it draws more than the 500mA and get stuck.

So you have to use (worked for me fine) a high-power-USB-Adapter which tells the USB-Power-Supply to supply the full 2A
A adapter like this can be found at Amazon

Or you could use a USB-Power-Supply from a Nexus 7 where this is incorporated.
There is - like in the adapter - a small resistor between the USB Datslines which tell the power supply to deliver the full 2A to the USB-Port.

Without this adapter I didnt get a BootMenu on Berryboot beta nor a Desktop with Android or Linaro.


The Power Supply must 2A,
this is example http://www.amazon.de/Tomorrowtop-100-Adapter-Ladeger%C3%A4t-Reiseadapter/dp/B00D3CKYFI/ref=sr_1_2?s=ce-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1377072570&sr=1-2&keywords=charger+usb+2a


I use the "new" Apple 12W USB Power Adapter with USB-port that comes with the new iPads and it works without problems with the Cubietruck and a SATA HTS541010A9E680 HDD. Doesn't even get hot, even with heavy use of the Cubietruck and HDD.


A well choiced PSU is the basis of a computing/electronic hardware. The standard specs of usb stands a minimum of 500mA power supply for a port. So you can plug an Arduino board anywhere into your computer but not a Rπ or a CB except into external-powered hub or some USB3 extension PCI cards (but must be hard to find a 2A supply on a non split port).