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cubie to ardunio shield adaptor

Started by johnnyfp, April 19, 2013, 05:49:46 am

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I've put together a shield that sits on top of a cubie that I'm using for a home automation project. However I've designed it in such a way that it can accept an ardunio shield and has bi directional voltage level translation or straight 3.3v interface to a ardunio mega shield form.

Is this something of interest to people?


And here is the prototype.

So currently testing it. Have to put together a build that actually talks to the gpio, SPI and I2C ports.



looks intressting. Maybe you can post more of your work with this shield in the future.


Schematic and pcb available at knickknack.

The board works! Now need to get SPI to work.


This is something that interests me greatly.  Is there any progress made on this?


Progress has stalled as I may have gone down the dark path, for my project.

But it works ok. I have two boards, one with the 3.3v<>5v translators and one with direct connectors.

Both seem to work ok. But have not really done any testing in earnest. I may produce a slightly modifed version of this (Without the Propriety CANbus connector as this is now going to be on another project).

I also haven't really had that much interest in it.


Well I am very interested in it.

I think it could be perfect for what I need for a robotics project i'm working on.

Preferably, I would be using android.  I also wouldn't know where to start building one.  I've downloaded the schematics of it, and got a migraine.

How much would one cost to build?  If you were building and selling, how much would you sell for?

Is it compaitible for uno or mega?

Feel free to contact me directly ( email ) if that suits


Sorry about that. Was not my intention to give you a Migraine.
I'm still working out how to best show off my Circuit designs.

I have a a few unpopulated boards left from my prototype run. They don't have the 5v connector in the corner for the Cubieboard.

So if your up for the challenge of soldering one of these boards up then I can send you one.

I'll update web page with a BOM and price for a single set of parts that way you can decide if you want one or not.

The pricey bit of the board is the connectors, specially the 50way 2mm skt for the Cubieboard (I know that the Cubie only have 48pins, but for love nor money could I actually find a 48pin smd skt that was in stock and cost less than the moon)


Don't be sorry, im just not good at that kind of thing. although i'm up for the challenge.  It's not like I can't, I just find it stressful.  But for me, that only makes the end results that much better.  More satisfying.  I appreciate you putting that together for me.  I'll take a look and make the decision