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Cubieboard first steps

Started by JohnPak79, August 09, 2013, 02:36:36 pm

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Hi! I am new here and I own a cubieboard A20.
Until now I've used the LiveSuit to flash the latest android image at the NAND, used a little bit the android environment (this was the first time that I've used Android) and instal a few apps from the Play Store.

But I want to learn more, about linux, android making kernels, building new images etc. I was reading the forum for a couple of days now and I already understand a few things... but since I am extremely new I need a little bit a guidance.

So, first of all I can see that I need to have an app running at the cubieboard for accessing the "shell" in order to run a few commands, instal new WiFi drivers etc. I downloaded the Terminal Emulator from Play Store. Is that OK? Do I have to run and a terminal like program at my PC (I am using Windows and OSX)?

What about the Android SDK and the ADT? Do I need those?

Any good manual about the android shell commands? I can see that you are using those extensively at the forum and somehow I have to understand them

Please, use extremely easy english and not terminology as I am not familiar with those... but I am willing to learn!