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Started by BlietXroupista, January 20, 2013, 10:37:17 pm

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Fact is, i haven't received my cubieboard order yet...ordered it last Friday from miniand.com.
But anyway, im expecting it this week and im definitely gonna use it with analog TV at least once. If i mod and
connect a cable like this : http://goo.gl/o4JE5 to these Cubie GPIO pins :

will cubieboard recognize it out of the box as an analog TV display, or do i need some sort of drivers for it to work ?
Any help would be great !!

:)Thanks :)


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Need to set FEX appropriately in uBoot.

See -
https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-tools for the fex /bin tools.
http://linux-sunxi.org/Fex_Guide for the FEX config

disp_init_mode =

screen0_output_type = xx (screen0 output type)
screen1_output_type = xx (screen1 output type)

xx   Output Type
0   none
1   lcd
2   tv
3   hdmi
4   vga

Then attach appropriate hardware to the I/O's configured as TV (for CVBS)

Circuit will be attached shortly.


Ok thanks a lot! I'll try that.


A question. The VCC-3v3 output(look attached pic), connects to AVCC pin of the cubieboard(check main topic post image) ?


3.3V is available on U14 pin 44 on the Cubie board, measure it first to double check though. It's not listed in the posted Cubie schematic but it was talked about in some thread.


3.3V is VCC,  its readily available over on the UART header in the middle of the board, marked VCC.

George, did you get your VGA going yet?


Looking at the CVBS circuit. I see that BAT54S, an SMD component. Is there a recommended mount-trough-hole replacement for it?


pretty much any scotky diod will work, try a BAT85S


So just any would work? Thanks!