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Gaming and my reccomended setup for it

Started by rckburn, January 08, 2014, 03:39:49 pm

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If you would like to game on your Cubie, I first and foremost suggest that you DO have the android os installed on the NAND flash, and a linux distro installed on the micro SD card so that you can perform easy dual booting just from having the card in or out.

From there, you can run certain retro games from the linux boot, rather simple and straight forward.

On the android boot is where most of the gaming took place for me, as we all know of the thousands of games on Google Play. The only setback is that using the mouse can be troublesome for playing games that require more than one finger to play. With some research and maybe a few dollars spent on buying an app that will let you plug in some sort of gaming controller though, this does have a potential workaround, though I cannot personally verify that it will work as I never did bother trying to hook up an xbox or playstation controller.

There are more benefits to running such a dual boot on the cubie, as having a desktop and mobile OS can be very practical for everyday use, and expand the possibilities of what you can do with your board.

I hope that this helps a few of you out there, and good luck to you all!