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Mainline kernel - u-boot from NAND

Started by pistoletov, November 28, 2018, 12:21:32 pm

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Hi! Does it possible to boot from nand flash in mainline kernel?
Now i boot from sd card and rootfs on sata ssd disk on legacy kernel.
Does i need new u-boot for mainline kernel?


With both Fedora and Centos, using current uboot, I only have uboot on the uSD, and all partitions on the sata drive.  As long as there are no partitions on the uSD, uboot tries elsewhere for the partitions.

I have been meaning to ask on the Fedora-arm list about putting uboot on NAND, this is the incentive to do that...


According to people that work with uboot and current kernels, it probably will won't work to put uboot on to NAND, but it might not take much more work on uboot.

If you are capable of making contributions to uboot (I am not), then join the sunxi uboot list and work with them on what needs to be added.  Otherwise wait until I get someone else to do the work.  This may take some real time (like months).


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Thank you, friends.  I just found this - http://linux-sunxi.org/MTD_Driver. And this repo with first steps to do boot from nand - https://github.com/bbrezillon/linux-sunxi/tree/nand/sunxi/drivers
Unfortunatelly i am not have enough expiriens in software to contribute in this project. This is really hard work. Only wait is may way.


Further, look here:


The place to ask about this is on the sunxi list.