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Working with cheap China HDMI display

Started by mechand, September 24, 2018, 11:45:04 am

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Dear colleagues!

Please, help with your HDMI experience.

I have a project with a plenty of small linux boards which must be connected to the cheap displays. I'd like to use these:


This display works via HDMI with Raspberry but refuse to works with Orange Pi PC plus.  As I can understand it is same issue described there


My only need from linux board : eMMC (or NAND) memory (SD card is not reliable) and cooperation with such displays. Raspberry can work but does not have eMMC chip.

What do u think , can I use one of Cubieboards in my application? Does it have same HDMI interface with Orange Pi or completely another?



Go to http://linux-sunxi.org and look up the various boards, and their uboot support state.  This will tell you which processor, graphic engine and the like for each product supported by sunxi uboot.

I have an old, rather cheap AOC monitor with VGA/DMI.  I use a DMI/HDMI connector and it works fine with my Cubieboard2 and Cubietruck HDMI.  Note that the Cubietruck VGA only kind of works.  This is a known limitation of its uboot.

I use Fedora and Centos as my distros.  I am a tester of both.