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Cubietruck with cubier : ftp locked with socket RJ45 and not with wifi

Started by e44, July 25, 2017, 05:11:40 am

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With my cubietruck in wifi I can read and write files in FTP. But when I use the network RJ45 socket  I can read files to ftp but not write them on the server. Perhaps the data output are locked on socked , how can I authorize the output of data on eth0 ?


Now that is strange!  I use Fedora/Centos, and don't know how cubier works or if it has SELinux.

First quick test is check for SELinux and put it in permissive mode and try again.  If it works, you have to work with your SELinux policies.

If SELinux is NOT the barrier, then you need to look at your ftp.conf file (whatever your distro uses) and see how it is listening on the interfaces and if there are any operation rules per interface.

Definitely strange.  I vote for SELinux...


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