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Working with cheap China HDMI display

Started by mechand, September 24, 2018, 11:45:04 am

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Dear colleagues!

Please, help with your HDMI experience.

I have a project with a plenty of small linux boards which must be connected to the cheap displays. I'd like to use these:

This display works via HDMI with Raspberry but refuse to works with Orange Pi PC plus.  As I can understand it is same issue described there

My only need from linux board : eMMC (or NAND) memory (SD card is not reliable) and cooperation with such displays. Raspberry can work but does not have eMMC chip.

What do u think , can I use one of Cubieboards in my application? Does it have same HDMI interface with Orange Pi or completely another?



Go to and look up the various boards, and their uboot support state.  This will tell you which processor, graphic engine and the like for each product supported by sunxi uboot.

I have an old, rather cheap AOC monitor with VGA/DMI.  I use a DMI/HDMI connector and it works fine with my Cubieboard2 and Cubietruck HDMI.  Note that the Cubietruck VGA only kind of works.  This is a known limitation of its uboot.

I use Fedora and Centos as my distros.  I am a tester of both.