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how to update from trusty to xenial ?

Started by harvey186, December 21, 2017, 09:45:52 am

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Hi, I have to update my cubitruck from trusty to xenial because with trusty I'm not able to mount my encrypt USB HD.
Only changing trusty to xenial in the source list isn't working. 



I suppose Xenial is not fully supported yet, but changing source and updating Apt (sudo apt-get update) will give access to it.

Full upgrade will lead to non-working system, but if you are lucky you can install individual packages successfully. Bad luck will end up installing everything again from beginning. So - some kind of backup before this might be a good idea.


yeah, that's right. I have tried and my system breaks :( Now I have started over with armbian and now I'm able to use my encrpt HD :)