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How to distinguish different Hardware versions

Started by bomilkar, November 17, 2017, 02:24:27 am

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I'm looking for ways to distinguish CubieBoards in software. I know how to read the print on the board and use this:
to tell the difference between board versions. However, I'm looking for ways in software to distinguish which board I'm currently using. The OS may know what version it's running on, but I guess every distribution has it's own ways to remember the HW configuration. The OS may not even care if it's running on a CB2 20151211 TSD or on a CubieBoard2 20120909 DualCard.

However, the problem I'm trying to solve is much less complex: all I want to know (right now) is whether there is a battery backed up Real Time Clock available or not. I know the 20151211 has a RTC on board, but older versions of the CB2 have no RTC. I'd like know a way for the software to tell the difference.

Any help is greatly appreciated.