Author Topic: How to increase the system partition size of NAND or SDCard.  (Read 400 times)

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How to increase the system partition size of NAND or SDCard.
« on: November 08, 2017, 05:06:18 am »
I am Korean.
So I will simply write down the procedure.
Please understand what I wrote in Google Translator.

My SDCard is 16G.


extract the image
>imgrepacker "M1&M1+_Android4.2.2_v2.1.img"

Edit sys_partition.fex in the M1&M1+_Android4.2.2_v2.1.img.dump directory.

;------------------------------>mmcblk0p7/nandd 4G
; 1048576 = 512M to 8388608 = 4G
; 16384 * 256 = 4194304 * 2 = 8388608
    name         = system
    size         = 8388608
    downloadfile = "system.fex"
    user_type    = 0x8000

Save and close.


#cd ../sunxi-tools
#./script ../"M1&M1+_Android4.2.2_v2.1.img.dump"/sys_partition.fex

(The script command must be run in the sunxi-tools directory to get sys_partition.bin)

#cd ../"M1&M1+_Android4.2.2_v2.1.img.dump"
#../sunxi-tools/update_mbr sys_partition.bin 4

(The number 4 makes the size of sunxi_mbr.fex 64K. The original sunxi_mbr.fex file included in the image was 64K in size. If it is 1, it becomes 16K.)

The files dlinfo.fex and sunxi_mbr.fex are overwritten.

#../sunxi-tools/simg2img system.fex system.img
#mkdir /mnt/system
#mount -o loop system.img /mnt/system
#../sunxi-tools/make_ext4fs -s -l 4096M -a system ./system.fex /mnt/system

You can leave sys_partition.bin and system.img created here or delete them.
It has no effect when repackaging the image.


>imgrepacker "M1&M1+_Android4.2.2_v2.1.img.dump"

Burn the newly created M1&M1+_Android4.2.2_v2.1.img file to the 16G or 8G SDCard with the phoenixcard tool.
Be sure to <startup!> Mode.

Now your mounted system is 4 gigabytes in size.