CubieBoard4 - Android WaveShare 7" Ver. C (HDMI+Usb Touch) support With 1024x600

Started by kemalcemkemal, October 24, 2017, 03:58:49 am

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I'm trying to install Waveshare 7" version C HDMI+usb touch screen on CubieBoard4. I'm nearly crayz to install it...
First of all, I added clk tables HDMI timings to Uboot display modules then to the android's hwcomposer  as below:

VIC    pixel_freq      h_active   v_active   h_total   h_back   h_front   h_sync   v_total   v_back   v_front   v_sync   h_pol   v_pol         
VIC   PCLK   AVI_PR   X   Y   HT   HBP   HFP   HST   VT   VBP   VFP   VST   h_pol   v_pol   int   vac   trd
HDMI1024_600P_60   50400000   0   1024   600   1344   160   24   136   638   29   3   6   1   1   0   0   0

At the end of compiling image, when I adjust custom HDMI resolution as 1024x600, there is nothing in the bootup process (only white screen), then as soon as Android boot_copleted event triggered only for 1 secon I can be able to see screen image but it is starting from half of the screen.. After 1 second it disappears again...

Is hdmi timings are wrong or another mistake do I ?
Please help me?