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control the brightness (PWM) using the keyboard is it possible?

Started by martro, September 27, 2017, 02:40:14 pm

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I have a cubieboard with a 7 '' lcd that works very well
I would like to control the brightness of the lcd using key keyboard
Ctrl+PageUp Ctrl+ PageDown or Alt or ....
Thank you for your help


Unlikely.  On INTEL, brightness is a BIOS function and the BIOS intercepting special keys.

armv7, as such does not have BIOS.  This type of control would have to be in UBOOT and the video driver.  So it will depend, in large measure, with the OS distro you are using.


thank you for your reply rgmhtt,
the system used is linux-sunxi.
c'est pour le projet
I would like to control the brightness with the keyboard