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Programming cubbie from usb, like arduino shields

Started by yczo, August 22, 2017, 07:03:16 am

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Hello comunity, I own a cubbieboard 2 and I would like to learn to program in assembler/c++ for ARM chips.

My question is: Is possible program the cubbieboard through eclipse/usb interface? Just like arduino.

Cubbieboard 2 has a Nand flash unity. I would like to learn how to programmieren and another codes there storen.

Thanks in advance.


Arduino is a microprocessor - doesn't really have the capabilities to run an OS (well technically it can, but barely).  Its bare metal it doesn't have much power, or ram, and can only do basic things.

Cubie on the other hand has a full fledged arm based cpu, with ram, standard i/o access, and runs an OS.
You compile programs to run on the OS (typically Unix OS, or Android (linux+ java on top) but WinCE or RTOS or other stuff could run if ported)
You _could_ treat it as bare metal, and compile to run a single program, but most people don't - would be a waste, and makes life harder unless you have a specific requirement for that, don't bother.

You compile stuff remotely on the board, using an arm compiler. You treat the cubie just like developing for any other computer.  You can either roll your own Linux OS (Debian is popular), or you can use Android on top of a Linux OS (and compile to that).  You can compile on your own computer using a cross compiler, then copy files over, or you can compile direct on the board (slower, but easier for beginners)

Its just a platform, treat it like any other computer.


Thank you for your help,

I only want develop my own flash driver and test it; Means your answer that the only way is to add it into the linux kernel? Please, could somebody say me where can I the doc and specs from hardware find? I speak over the flash Addresse and how to programming.

Suggestions are wellcome.


I know there have been discussions here in the past about 'bare metal programming'.

So I suggest you do some searching here and see what you find.

Also look at the sunxi uboot work for Cubies and see how that work is.  That is where much of the raw driver work is that then makes it available to theLinux kernels.