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Install OwnCloud on Raspberry Pi (or any other ARM)

Started by pUnK, August 04, 2017, 01:00:00 pm

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It's great when you've got your own cloud storage server. OwnCloud is the one, that can help. Especially, if set up on an ARM-device (like Raspberry Pi) it is also savvy and simple. Learn my experience how I have succeeded top install OwnCloud on Raspberry Pi

(if you like it and have some other ARM device, go ahead and try this tutorial. Post the results to this thread)


Look at Nextcloud over Owncloud.

Don't know if anyone has gotten it working on RPi; and I work with Centos on Cubies.  Challenge there is Nextcloud wants php 7; and that will take a bit as Redhat is still back at php 5.4!  But there are ways....

So OK for Owncloud.  Look at Nextcloud.


nextcloud runs with PHP54 as well.
I have it run on a virtuel X86 Server with Centos7 and at home on a cubie3 truck with fedora 25. The performace on the old truck is lousy, but ok thats the old CPU.


What version of Nextcloud are you using?  Their site says that v11 works with php 5.4, but prefers 5.5 for security and performance updates and works best with php 7.  V 12 only lists php 5.6+

We are working up a php7 build for Centos7 from the CLS srpm.

What kind of drive do you have on your Cubietruck?  I have an 240GB SSD available for starters.  Have you followed the simple technique to boot off sata with Fedora/Centos?  (only have uboot on mSD, no partitions at all, all partitions on sata)?


Hi....I tried apt-get install owncloud from the current Raspbian repository but I quickly got bogged down in a bunch of configuration and poor documentation. I'd still like to try it, but I think I'll download a pre-configured SD card image.


Personally I think Owncloud and Nextcloud are crap, having hassled with both of those.
I'd recommend looking at something simpler, maybe filerun http://www.filerun.com

If you need syncing, then syncthing is great - https://syncthing.net

If you must try, why not go the docker route?
You'd need to check if there is a docker arm version of nextcloud, or roll your own though.