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Change cubietech logo on uboot

Started by codewarriorfx, July 06, 2017, 10:10:46 am

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Hello all,

Is there any written procedure to change the cubietech logo on the uboot for the Cubieboard4? Please advise.



Its really disappointing to have such a great hardware, but it lacks completely in software support. I got no replies in my previous posts.


What OS are you using?  Are you using Cubian?  If so, you are stuck with what Cubie provides.

You move to another OS, like I use Fedora and Centos, you get the SUNXI uboot which has the standard LInux logo for booting.


The included Debian server image provided for this board.


And thus you are locked into the uboot Cubie provides and MAYB E if you dig around you will find the logo file to replace.  More likely it is embedded somewhere and completely unchangeable.

You make your selection and you work with the consequences.