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Diameter of the power jack and where is plus and minus

Started by Nocki, June 09, 2017, 10:03:50 am

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Hi there,

i bought a used cubietruck plus and unfortunatly it will come with no powercable adapter from usb to jack. So i have to solder one. But dont know yet the right diameter of the jack and is the middle pin plus or minus.
The cubietruck hopefully arives tomorror or on monday. Therefore i want to make the cable by my own to be ready when the postman brings my new toy. So i cant measure it by myself.

Thanks in advance,


Convention for power plugs is + inside - outside.

Diameter you can measure yourself, you have the device.



I measured with a caliper and can confirm it is 4mm.


This is a very valuable hint, thanks to it I coped with the problem very quickly. Thank you 192.168.l.l