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Jtag detection on CC-A80 (ver 1.2) board using D-stream

Started by shravan, May 22, 2017, 06:49:04 am

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Hi All,
I am working on cubieboard4(CC-A80, ver 1.2),I want to detect coresight tropology using  'D-Stream '.
According  to schematics on J20 connector 21,22,23, and 24 are jtag pins, took these pins out and connected to  D-stream Jtag .

I am trying to auto detect core sight tropology by using DS-5 IDE through "Platfrom Configuration" but hadn't got any luck on core sight tropolgy detection.

We have Jtag selection 0 and 1 (JTAGSEL0 and JTAGSEL1)from HW Schematic , what is the valid state to enter in Jtag mode.

Need  inputs for Jtag selection mode on cubie CC-A80(ver 1.2) board.