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CB2 is eating my memory

Started by Dylantje, May 01, 2017, 11:16:46 am

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Dear All.
I use a few years a cb2 with much pleasure.....
I run Home automation on my board with Arbian as the OS

Only last weeks my CB2 is rebooting for a few times a day...

My Cb2 is running with home automation Domoticz.
I run a RPi  as a slave with Domoticz to.
Attachment 1 and 2
My two graphs are so different so i think there is something wrong..

When the CB2 is @ his max memory the cb is rebooting..
This is a thing from the last two weeks..

Perhaps there is something different in Domoticz...
Only i do not now how i can fix this
I am a noob on linux :-(

Hope someone can help me ..
The board is acting ok when it is working.


Did found a problem i think...
A lot of phyton is running..
Only i do not understand whta all this phyton is.
I use only 4 or 5 scripts in my home automation.
Only so much like this:-(
How can i kill this process?