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Can't see the eMMC on CT

Started by Mick P. F., March 29, 2017, 05:00:53 pm

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Mick P. F.


I bought a Cubietruck and installed latest Archlinux with newest u-boot (2017-03) and linux kernel (4.10.6). Both compiled by myself on an ARM based linux machine. I can boot Archlinux from SD card but can't see the eMMC (NAND) in "/dev" tree. Only 'mmcblk0' and 'sda' are available. Android rises, when I boot CT without the SD card.

Can somebody help me. I think, I've forgotten something to configure in the kernel.

Thanks in advance,

Don Pedro

Mainline kernel does not support NAND out of the box, see here:
You'll have to recompile the kernel yourself with the porper settings applied.