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[Cubietruck Plus (v5)] SATA HDD Problem with freezing OS

Started by eandir, January 08, 2017, 06:11:29 pm

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Hello cubie community,

I have a cubieboard 5 + HDD + Linaro Ubuntu in action with owncloud since one year i think. I've noticed that weird behaviour(explanied later) after using fdisk -l but i thougt its a bug only happening to me cause I've didnt found anything about that on forum or google(maybe i searched for the wrong terms). Now i bought another two cubies to play a littele around and test my backup and such stuff, this bug exists on both new cubies too.

If i use fdisk -l or stuff like pvs (LVM list physical devices) imediately or after some time (frome seconds till minutes, mostly triggerd by next command which accesses the mmc onboard) the green LED is showing a steady green light - which is from my knowledge is the emmc activity LED - and the CLI stuck. I can open new SSH connections or log in on another tty (alt + 2 ) but can't do anything which need informations that are not in RAM. Example: if i opend vim before stuck, i can open and close vim and "work" but by the time any access to storage(emmc) is made the command stuck.

I have tried linaro desktop v1.0 + v1.1 and linaro server v1.0 all emmc versions and all three have this problem. BUT only with connected SATA device(ive tested two 2,5" HDDs)

Now my question is is this bug known or can anyone confirm this behaviour? How can i investigate what is happening or causing this problem? I'm happy about anything from "do this and that" or "look here <url>" to "this is known, but no workaround"

If there are missing infos or logs that i can provide please let me know.

Thanks in advance

i have this message in kernel log bevor the freez (or steady green led) occure:
sunxi_mci_dump_errinfo(L824): smc 2 err, cmd 18, DCE !!

i have no idea if this is something normal or an error that points to the solution but ive found only similar messages on the internet that points to boot problens with banna pi.

Please help me or reply if you have the same problem/can reproduce this.
Every help will be much appreciated.