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Cubieboard 2 android resolution setting

Started by sanyigz, July 04, 2013, 02:43:47 pm

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My cubieboard 2 just arrived, but i have a problem with it. I use a hdmi -> vga converter, and a 1280*1024 monitor with vga input: and the default android screens is stretched and 20% of the android screen is out of the monitor's screen.
From this disadvantage, i've managed to set the language from chineese to a better one, and i could log in with my google account on play, but i couldn't find any app to change screen resolution, just useless junks. Nor could i find resolution setting in android settings, just that that the current resolution is set to 1280*720.

What can i do? Note that the left side of the screen is off limits, so console hacking would be very hard :)