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Install any(?) OS?

Started by Shaa.Banak, October 24, 2016, 11:37:58 am

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Hey there,
I dont know so many about the cpu, the type ARM(?) and therefore which OS i can install on it.
On the Raspberry Pi it is possible to install Raspbian .. an OS which is compiled for it cpu. An ARM there my knowledge remain to remeber. :P

After some Wiki articles I pretend to know the Cubieboard also used an ARM type cpu?
So there should no problems to install another OS beside of cubian? ^^


The architecture of Cubieboard is ARM. You can theorically install any SO for ARM.

Will all features work? That's why there are some "official" distros for board like Raspberry. They try to address the board features. But in general you can get a linux server running with no problem.