Author Topic: Neither Android Image Works/This Forum is Useless  (Read 1159 times)

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Neither Android Image Works/This Forum is Useless
« on: October 07, 2016, 03:13:50 pm »
SBC rely heavily on the community/forums that support them and unfortunatly for the cubieboard it's communtiy seems to absolutely useless, as well as the company's images. Nothing is updated and unless you run linux(im asuming, i havent even tried running another distro on this board yet) I have tried the fancier image and the xbmc image both have the same problems, neither alow you to save settings and neither allow you to add apps and if you do add apps you can not save them after a reboot. And as for the xbmc side of things the fusion add ons are pre-set but they are dead and you cant even click on them. these images are like 3 years old and have not been updated since.. this company should be ashamed of themselves for putting out such shitty software. The hardware seems great but i have no way of knowing..  i guess im going back to searching for a compatible image for this thing.. not like anyone will reply to this but if you happen to have a image that will work please help.. im hoping to find a cyanogenmod somewhere that will work. until then i guess im done with these forums.. at least the android section, maybe there is more somewhere else..... :'(