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cubietruck dead network (PHY dead?) - any advise?

Started by connaisseur, October 04, 2016, 01:29:08 pm

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Have two A20 - Cubietruck boards. Put one to sleep after over a year active service. 2nd keep active and is up-to-date with ArchlinuxARM.

I have console access via ttyS0 ;-)

Today I'm revived the sleeping Cubitruck - but no network access. Powered down the still working one / swapped the uSD to the revived one and tried again - no network access.

Is this a known cause? Probably that the Network-Transceivers (PHY) do die? It's a HanRun HY911130A - they're still available at Aliexpress... insane shipping fees for Europe.

BTW: I see a eth0 is pulled up on link layer with 1Gig Eth full; a IP-Address is statically assigned, but no IP-Level traffic flows in/out. Ping to router is not possible,

Any ideas?