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(No?) USB Webcam support for cubieboard

Started by vlemo, June 28, 2013, 02:24:20 am

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I'm trying to use a usb webcam connected to my cbb. Using lsusb shows the webcam but no /dev/video0 is listed. So fswebcam or motion does not work.

Any ideas how to solve this?


I would liked to try it too, good luck!
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You'll need to compile a kernel with v4l2 (video for linux) in your kernel settings.


Is there a scenario on how to compile the kernel with v4l?


QuoteYou'll need to compile a kernel with v4l2 (video for linux) in your kernel settings.
So the standard OS images around the place does not have this compiled in?

Maybe we can get a list together of everything (or almost everything) which is required and then someone with the toolset can compile up a headless and a headed image which we can all use?  Would that be possible or practical? At least we would have the basis for a solid OS which can be downloaded by many.

Video and audio is something which is essential to have working. I need them too.


Hey guys, has there been any progress on this? I have been trying to get my webcam working with a cubie and like others, can't see /dev/video0.

I'm certainly no linux guru so compiling my own kernel sounds scary. If anyone has been able to solve this, I'd be really greatful!!!



The same for me!
I use Cubie as a simple NAS, but I would like to use it as a home control system.
Anyone can help us to let USB webcams to work?


can one of you help me figure out how to get this example working in eclipse?

It just doesn't work...  but I got the following enabled in the kernel:

Then I gave a permission 666 to /dev/video0,1 in ueventd.sun4i.rc

Compiling again, because I changed a few other things, so maybe tomorrow I'll load up the new image and it'll just work...  it works in some of the google play camera utilities....