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Cubieboard5/cubietruck-plus. Linaro installation problems...

Started by toymaker, September 16, 2016, 09:58:07 am

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I read in the installation guide provided via that I'm just suppose to turn on cb5 with tf card inserted. the tf card must have a startup image of linaro-card-hdmi.img... and I've done that. but what happens is when i insert tf card... I can't seem to power cubieboard... i have to play with it plentiful times in till it works.. then when the guide says to wait a minute for the screen to power on it never does... is it suppose to just be a blank screen etc?

Plus i know the sd card is working because in the install of android it reads the sd card perfectly fine. Also I have a 60 gb sata II ssd. How does that work on it... I have it plugged in but to no avail do I understand how to make it work or the linaro to install on it. thanks.


Sorry I found out the problem. I was making a corrupted mSD which made the cubietruck plus not boot up.