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Where to buy?

Started by TRS-80, August 28, 2016, 11:19:41 am

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I see some sellers on eBay right now as low as $80, shipped, for the complete kit including supplementary wires and a clear acrylic case. These look like China sellers.

Ans then I see CTs on "more respectable" better known stores (like NewEgg, etc.) selling them for over $100. Some well over.

Should I be wary of the $80 versions?


Since CT may now be considered a little "old" perhaps it is not a bad idea to save some money by paying less for the board and accessories if possible.
From my own experience, I bought CT from one of the official sellers (dfrobot) and the HDD addon from another official Chinese seller from Aliexpress (no longer available) and I had no trouble at all.
See the full list of sellers here: