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Powering 3.5" HDD

Started by TRS-80, August 28, 2016, 08:54:44 am

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Hello all!

I see the add on board to power 3.5" HDD, but there seems to be some conflicting information on the 'net as to whether the USB out from the add on board is capable of powering the CT itself (using the USB to barrel that comes with CT). Some people have claimed they needed to use 2 separate power supplies to make it stable.

I'm getting ready to order by CT and power supply(ies), so I just wanted to confirm?


I had the HDD addon and it worked great, although I didn't use it for the original purpose, therefore my opinion will not be related to 3.5" disks, besides the 12V power supply I already had was 1.2 A only, and the recommended for CT and HDD would be 2.5A:
Reason why I used two separate power supplies, and divided the 12V output for a TFT display and a fan cooler.
More about the project I built originally here:

Finally I used the HDD addon here and in this case with only the 12V power supply was enough for the whole device: