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Cubietruck plus (V5) and 7" lcd screen with capacitif touch screen

Started by herisson69, August 13, 2016, 12:16:19 am

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I bought Cubietruck plus card and screen display lcd, 7" pouces with touch screen capacitif.
I connected in HDMI port and USB a panel lcd with resolution 1024x600. The Cubietruck  is installed with Linaro ver 1.0 nand flash (I create sdcard with linaro-desktop-cubietruck-plus-card-hdmi-v1.0.img and i have used script /root/install_emmc.sh). Enjoy ! I connected in ssh, install vnc server and connect from my computer, enjoy. I have desktop Lubuntu from my computer. But i have not display from my screen display connected in hdmi port ! Changed parameter in /root/boot-file/sys_config.fex, but not good. I have not display  !  I would like use, with vnc, Monitor Setting (Desktop/preference in Lubuntu) but return error : "unable to get monitor information".
I do not understand and I find no idea ! :( :( :(
Please help !

PS: Sorry  for my english ! I have French and not speak and write in english very well


Hi tested my screen lcd display from RPI B+ ( Raspberry B+ with raspbian); it's good and very nice ! Not problem .

But i not work with CB5 ! Why ?


Because Cubietruck sucks. No software/driver support from Cubietech, only user made images that often miss things. You also dont have a big community that you can ask.

The biggest mistake i made was to buy the Cubietruck.
You can use it for server things but everything else is pointless.


Thank you for your opinion. I had come to this conclusion.
It's a shame this card was presenting good perfomance and corresponded to my needs.

I'll have to revise my copy and turn to a ODROID.