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Cubieboard 3 (Cubietruck) Booting queries

Started by deepak727, July 31, 2016, 06:54:35 am

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I am new to cubieboard, and I am planning to delpoy the linux or android on the board with my customized options.

Now I want to know the how cubieboard is handling the os on nand flash or sd card.

My main concern is how this board is going to handle the os if it is suddenly turned off , will it crash ?

How the booting and operating mode works ?



From my experience with Android on Nand, it will recover without problems booting after crash.
Fortunately it never lost any settings, nor information got corrupted.


hi actkk2000

Thanks for your reply

So it means if I am planning for the custom os or firmware it should be on android.

My main motto is the os should boot without any issue if sudden power failure happens, and the user's should only having the access to the certain program with their login.

The program customization will be done by us.

I will give a try to build the android firmware for cubieborad.... Is there any SDK or guide available for building such os or firmware. I mean in best of your knowledge.